Artists Respond to Human Behavior & the Environment



Artists Respond to Human Behavior & the Environment

An exhibition of the Luckman Project at California State University Los Angeles
June 1-15, 2015, Luckman Gallery at the Luckman Fine Arts Complex

Each year, the Luckman Project provides a unique space for the interaction of students, professors, and a guest artist. Professors from the Department of Art select the students, seventeen this year, and I worked with them for two months to develop an exhibition, catalog, website, and a series of related events.

The process became as much a metaphor for the intention of the show as the exhibit itself. Innovation, problem solving, and solutions are natural aspects of art production; students and the visitors to the exhibit had the opportunity to discover artwork that is visually potent and meaningful.


2015 Luckman Project artist Kim Abeles, faculty mentor Professor Richard Wearn, and graduate student mentor Albert Vitela created the exhibition and events with Luckman Project students in the Department of Art:


Events were an important aspect of the GALLERY-OF-SOLUTIONS
because they became a way to expand the concepts and engage people in active conversation.

The projection room featured photographs by Calista Lyon that show the process of the project,
and an audio narration of an excerpt from Kim Abeles' essay about GALLERY-OF-SOLUTIONS.



      Photography: Calista Lyon
      Graphic Design: Thomas Nguyen
      Web Design: Sarah Evans
      Contributing Graphic Design: Sarah Evans, Jesse Alvarez

      Dr. William A. Covino
President, California State University, Los Angeles

      Dr. Peter McAllister
       Dean, College of Arts and Letters

      Dr. Mika Cho
       Chair, Department of Art

      Professor Tim Ebner
       Associate Chair, Department of Art

      Professor Richard Wearn
       Faculty Mentor, 2015 Luckman Project

      Kim Abeles
       Visiting Artist, 2015 Luckman Project

      2015 Luckman Project students in the Department of Art
Jesse James Alvarez, Cristina Solis Bracamontes, John Chen, Judith Contreras, Sarah Evans, Julian Hsieh, Lorren Ashley Lowrey, Alexander Lucero, Calista Lyon, Ryan Nicole Meehan, Thomas Nguyen, Bryan Ortiz, Colin Ryan, Cayetano Talavera, Albert Vitela, and Jonathan Roy Kendall Winter

      Professors in the Department of Art who recommended the Luckman Project students
Manuel Aguilar, Paul Anderson, Luis Bermudez, Rebecca Davis, Tim Ebner, Micheal Henderson, Tony Longson, Carole Frances Lung, Robert Martin, Jimmy Moss, Jim Ovelman, Carol Tuntland, Connie Utterback, and Richard Wearn

Luckman Gallery
Marco Rios and his staff

Administrative Assistants and Instructional Supports, Department of Art
Veronica Gibu, Leonela Loza, Brandon Hudson, Richard Billick

Tommy Luong
Resource Manager, College of Arts and Letters

Adrianne Ferree
Assistant Director, Jail Enterprises Unit, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department