Judith Contreras

Animation Major



36” x 36”

Digital image on recycled plywood


Water covers 71% of the earth’s surface. The ocean is a very important ecosystem that contributes to the survival of the human race, yet we keep destroying it by throwing trash and dumping chemicals into our precious waters. This piece is intended to show the viewer the horrific reality that we are all drowning inside our own waste with the inability to escape. By realizing this reality, it encourages the viewer to motivate themselves, and others, to take immediate action and help cleanse our oceans. Instead of placing pieces of our trash into the waters and causing its ecosystems harm, we should take a moment to replace the trash littering our oceans, and cleanse them from our filth. There is a solution to every puzzle, and the only method of solving it includes motivating oneself to take a piece of the answer and place it on top of the problem. Becoming self-aware is the first step, while taking action to find new ways to cleanse and purify our environment, is the second step. Much of our trash does not dissolve, but our oceans will "dissolve" if we do not take care of them.


Insoluble presents a solution related to causes of climate change by using recyclable materials to create a form of artwork. It demonstrates how we can create new things by reusing materials previously used, thus helping to reduce waste in our environment. Also, by informing the public and helping them to realize the reality of the importance of our oceans, it provides motivation for others to become a part of the solution.