Cristina Solis Bracamontes

Studio Arts Major

Sweet. Wild. Free.

17” x 10” x 10”

Repurposed gumball machines, handmade “seed bombs” made from recycled paper


Due to the urban development and harsh chemical applications, many native plants and wildflowers have disappeared from our environment. These wildflowers are important because other forms of wildlife, such as birds, butterflies, bees, and many other insects, depend on them. My intention for this piece is for visitors to take handmade “seed bombs”, made with recycled paper, from the repurposed free-spin gumball machines and plant them in their homes or communities. Each seed bomb is filled with drought resistant wild flowers native to our area. Gumball machines are typically used as a station of commerce. The elimination of the exchange of money for goods promotes the idea that nature is free. If every visitor takes a free seed bomb, we can all take part in reviving several populations of wildflowers, restoring the ecosystems and wildlife that live among us.


Human activity has played a big role in eliminating vital parts of our environment. My work promotes the restoration of ecosystems that sustain us. Everyone is welcome to take a seed bomb and help revive our first home, the land and environment where we live. With this solution, people can take part in planting native wildflowers in their communities to help restore several communities of organisms that play vital roles in our environment.