Jesse James Alvarez

Graphic Design / Visual Communications Major

Live in Color

24” x 18” each

Soy water-based ink silkscreened on 100% cotton t-shirts


Live in Color is a series of organic cotton t-shirts printed with soy water-based ink for informative typography to show issues critical to our environment. Using 100% cotton and this type of ink allows us to reuse this product by re-dyeing the material so we can avoid stuffing these garments into a landfill. This will not only better our environment, but avoids purchases overseas where less legal labor rights are given.


Many designers do not realize the damaging affects of Plastisol ink that is used most frequently when printing garments. It’s one of the hardest materials to recycle and reuse than almost any type of ink. Instead, we toss it into landfills where it decomposes the area more extensively than the product itself. Polyester t-shirts carry a type of plastic within the thread, which makes it even more difficult to separate the two. Because of this, most materials we produce and print tend to sit underground and damage future locations for agriculture and other benefits for our world.