Bryan Ortiz

Studio Arts Major

Ron Finley

96" x 60"

Oil on canvas


This series puts a spotlight on individuals who have led grassroots efforts to reduce the environmental impact of society. Although these people spend years attempting to change policies, ideas, and community awareness they are not always recognized for their work. These portraits hope to bring more awareness to the figures as well as show them in a scale relative to the work they are doing. The portraits are painted in a style that is related to the societal change these individuals create. The brush strokes, light, and colors shift dramatically just like ideas and society can change when people are proactive and initiate positive efforts to improve the world around them.


The work hopes to bring awareness of individuals who have made efforts to improve society in an innovative way. By seeing these portraits, my hope is that the viewers will ask why these people are presented at such a grand scale, and begin to ask questions about who these people are and what do they do. People looking to make improvements in their community, the environment, or society as a whole, will hopefully get motivated to do so by being exposed to these persistent and noble individuals.