Colin Ryan

Fashion and Textile Major

Genesis Project:
Environmental Stabilization

24” x 14” x 9” closed, 24” x 30” x 9” open

Flora and fauna samples in vials, recycled plywood, and mixed materials


I view my artworks as conceptual prototypes, proposals for products that are humanitarian, utilitarian, and technologically advanced. I begin my creative process with a narrative of the near future, and work to fabricate the objects that make the narrative believable. For this installation I was inspired to create a narrative of the responsible use of technology to rebuild the environment that we have deteriorated. My piece is an environmental healing kit that equips the operator to repopulate ecosystems using collected DNA samples.


This work explores a futuristic narrative in which science and technology have developed the means to stabilize ecosystems through the cloning of DNA. Genesis Project presents the fiction of the science, a Father Nature story where the operator can reintroduce various flora and fauna back into the wild. This project is meant to inspire the vision of understanding our genetic makeup, and learning to harness it to create stable ecosystems.