Ryan Nicole Meehan

Fashion and Textile Major


To Forage & Dye in Los Angeles

35" x 65"

Embroidery thread, cast bronze pins, and natural dye muslin tea towels


Natural dyes were obtained for this work through foraging for plants in the Angeles National Forest. Presented is the artist’s research come to life as a layout sketch in thread, cotton, and bronze. All materials used were either obtained through bartering or purchased from small businesses.


The textile industry is one of the largest greenhouse gas emitters on Earth due to its size and scope. Apparel and textiles account for 10% of the total carbon impact. While foraging, one’s mind is already focused upon the idea of “only taking what is necessary” from the land. Keeping this idea intact, consumption is a major factor of climate change. If one continues with this behavioral influence of only taking or purchasing what is necessary, then their overall consumption will gradually decrease. By using natural dyes, creating your own textile products, keeping consumption to a minimum, and shopping at small businesses, you are making a stand against the massive carbon footprint that the textile industry needs to leave behind.